Dealing with burnout

Having experienced burnout in a previous life, I am well versed in dealing with issues to come out of living life at 100mph.

I specialise in helping others to both avoid and deal with the consequences of burnout and fatigue, allowing them to thrive in their jobs; responding to any challenges that may be impacting their fulfilment, health, happiness and/or performance more effectively.

Signs of burnout include:

  • Trouble sleeping
  • Increased negativity – negative thoughts, depressive and/or anxious
  • Increased withdrawal and introversion
  • Making mistakes
  • Emotionally drained and sensitive
  • Lack of personal or social life
  • Confusion
  • Health issues i.e. poor digestion, low energy levels

While burnout is officially classed as a workplace-related issue, the symptoms of burnout can affect anyone who has found themselves in a place of chronic stress and/or a high pressured lifestyle due to unrealistic demands on the mind and body.

I offer both the Lightning Process® and health coaching to help with any issues you may be struggling with. Please contact me on 07554 841 880 / lauren@laurenstoney.co.uk for more info.

Further resources on burnout

World Health Organisation – Burnout Classification
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