Health coaching


Using a blend of health coaching, visualisation and other tools (NLP and hypnotherapy based), in any session you can expect to be educated on the mind body connection, whilst also being given tools that you can take away to influence your own health. 


The success of these sessions is based on the principles of psycho-neuro-immunology – how our psychology influences our neurological health and in turn our immune system. This means sessions may cover anything from issues indirectly creating a stress response in triggering symptoms, or a direct focus on the symptomology itself.

The first session is usually 90 minutes, followed by future session of 60 minutes. I would generally expect to see change quite quickly and, depending on the issue, if significant change has not been made within the first four sessions I would most likely recommend the Lightning Process.


Having rebuilt my own health in the face of adversity, I am very confident in helping anyone struggling with chronic issues that won’t budge but will also be very direct when dealing with issues that may not be as easy to resolve.