When Leon Edler first went into the world of illustration, he faced the uncertainty that a lot of entrepreneurs do when pursuing their dream career. It can be a scary and, in some cases, paralysing fear – but when you think back on all the things you have done in YOUR life – were those fears ever really realised?

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, most people will be able to relate to this sense of diving into the unknown at some point in their life.

Sometimes, it can feel 100% that things aren’t going to work out but, in those times, you just need to dig deep and connect with what it is that drives you. It’s like a leap of blind faith leading the way. And yes, there will be moments where you ask yourself “What the hell am I doing?” or “Have I lost my marbles / am I crazy?!”

The alternative, of course, is to not even try. That way at least you can say you haven’t failed. But do you really want that?

Just for a moment, think about the top three things in your life where, at the time, you really weren’t sure you could do it. How did they turn out? If you had to go back in time as this older, wiser version of you – what would you say to your younger self in those times? Chances are, in Leon’s words, they would be somewhere along the lines of “You know what? This is ACTUALLY going to work out.”

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