Lightning Process®

The Lightning Process – Get Your Health and Oomph Back

I offer Lightning Process training Online, and across Brighton and Farnham. Having used the Lightning Process for health issues in a previous life, I am well versed in helping clients work through any stress, burnout or health issues they may be facing using this approach.

What is the Lightning Process?

The Lightning Process® is a three-day neuro-physiological training programme that enables you to rebuild your health. Worldwide, it’s been used by over 25,000 people with issues spanning ME, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, anxiety and depression. The course itself covers the psychology of neurological health and the role of neurology in illness; it also provides a practical tool to implement your learnings and change your health for the better.

What happens during the Lightning Process?

During the course of the three days, you are trained on:

  • The psychology of neurology (how our thoughts influence our neurological health)
  • The role that neurology plays in illness (both physical and mental)
  • The physiological emergency response
  • Restoration of homeostasis
  • How we can change the way in which our neurological pathways are activated
  • What we need to do to turn our health around for the better

Across the three days, I provide continuous coaching, guidance and support. You are also given a very specific self-coaching process that you can put into practice every time you experience symptoms or negative thoughts/feelings. This process is used to disrupt poor neurology, switch off what is known as the Sympathetic Nervous System response and develop healthy neurological function in its place. The more that you put this into practice, the more this healthy neurological function becomes automated through the process of neuroplasticity.

What others say

You can find success stories of clients I have worked with on my site, and reviews can also be found on Google.

You can find more testimonials of other people’s experiences of the Lightning Process on the Head Office website and on YouTube.

To hear my personal journey with the Lightning Process follow this link.

How much does it cost and what do I get?

There are two packages available – basic and enhanced.

Lightning Process Training – Basic (from £650)

This is the standard training that is offered, and includes:

  • Initial phone consultation
  • Lightning Process training (3 days – up to 4 hours a day)
  • Training course materials (course manual and post-support audio download)
  • Three hours of online follow up calls (as a group where group training has been completed)

The cost is £650 if taken in a group, or £975 individually.

Lightning Process – Enhanced (from £795)

In this package all elements of the Basic training are included, but you will also be provided with a full six month follow up individual support package.

  • Up to six months post LP coaching*
  • Regular email updates and course refresh notes, supporting you in your journey with the Lightning Process and beyond

A lot of my clients enjoy the fact that the Lightning Process provides them with a tool that they have for life, and can use across a wide range of ‘life challenges.’

Within the six month follow-up package, guidance is given on how to use the Lightning Process across different areas, with the introduction of additional tools to support where needed.

The cost is £795 if taken in a group, or £1,095 individually.

*entitlement of 7 hours post-course coaching via Zoom – usually carried out at week 1, week 3 and then monthly thereafter


Dates and locations

I offer the Lightning Process® training Online, and across Farnham, Brighton and Hove. Clinic details are:

Upcoming course dates can be found via my ‘Book an Appointment’ page.

Dates are flexible so please contact me for more details.

How do I apply?

There are four key stages in applying for the Lightning Process®

  1. Download and listen to the Lightning Process® seminar introduction
  2. Complete and submit the LSLC_Lightning Process Application Form
  3. Arrange a phone call with me to, together, discuss readiness for the seminar
  4. Book a date!

It’s really important that you listen to the audiobook ahead of completing the application form as this will give you the best insight into how the Lightning Process® works and whether it is right for you. It also ensures you have the base knowledge needed for the training itself. During our phone call, we can then discuss your readiness for the seminar and whether anything else needs to be done prior to joining the course.

The research

There is a growing amount of published research on the Lightning Process, and the Head Office team continue to work hard in developing further research to demonstrates its efficacy in helping with key issues.

You can find further details of the published research on the Head Office website.

The science and further resources

The principles of the Lightning Process are based on:

  • Psycho-neuro-immunology: how our psychology influences our neurological health, which in turn impacts our immune response
  • Neuroplasticity: the brain’s ability to change adapt through repetition and learning 
  • The physiological emergency response (aka the fight or flight response): the physiological response that our body produces in response to a perceived threat; triggering the activation of the sympathetic nervous system.

Further information to come, but in the meantime, further resources on the scientific theory of these key areas can be found here:

Medical News Today – Psychoneuroimmunology in illness and health
Scientific American – The role of homeostasis
A comprehensive overview of neuroplasticity
NHS article – the physiology of the fight or flight response

Finding a Lightning Process practitioner

Please don’t hesitate to call or email me if you want to find out more – I have first hand experience of doing the Lightning Process® and training others in it so I’m always happy to talk and help you reach an informed decision.

Please also recognise, there is never any obligation to commit to training – with me or anyone else – the most important thing is you do what is right for you, and, if you choose to do the training, you work with a practitioner who you connect with.

You can find a list of all Lightning Process practitioners here