Sickness in the workplace

Sickness in the workplace

  • 1 in 3 UK employees are living with a long-term health condition
  • 7% of employees take periods of sickness absence lasting 2 weeks or more
  • 57% of UK employees feel worn out by work
  • Half a million employees in the UK now suffer with work related stress
  • 42% of employees with a health condition felt their condition affected their work to a great deal or to some extent
  • 49% of workers lose focus in the workplace showing that burnout and office stress is holding employees back from being able to perform
  • 34% of employees have said they would not feel comfortable reaching out to their employer if they were experiencing burnout
  • 18% of workers feel that organisations could do better by offering coaching to help cope with stress and support wellbeing

The Impact of Ignoring Sickness

  • 4 days are lost on average to each worker due to sickness
  • Employers lose around £570 per employee each year due to sickness related absence
  • For those who take around six weeks’ sickness absence, one in five will stay off work sick and eventually leave paid employment completely.
  • Employees struggling with burnout are 50% less likely to discuss how they approach their performance goals with manager
  • Employees who burnout are 2.6 times more likely to leave their organisation
  • Presenteeism can be responsible for valued employees operating at only 20% capacity/efficiency


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