1-1 Health & Performance Coaching 

I work with passionate and driven individuals to help them be the success they want to see in the world without sacrificing their health. 

Having experienced burnout in a previous life, I am well versed in dealing with issues to come out of living life at 100mph – both with respect to productivity and our own health.

Passion does not have to cost us our health

While burnout is officially classed as a workplace-related issue, the symptoms of burnout can affect anyone who has found themselves in a place of chronic stress and/or a high pressured lifestyle due to unrealistic demands on the mind and body.

What Is Burnout and Am I At Risk?

Signs of burnout include:

  • Trouble sleeping
  • Increased negativity – negative thoughts, depressive and/or anxious
  • Increased withdrawal and introversion
  • Making mistakes
  • Emotionally drained and sensitive
  • Lack of personal or social life
  • Confusion
  • Health issues i.e. poor digestion, low energy levels

How do you fix / prevent burnout?

Whilst seemingly controversial, I would argue that it is not the number of hours you are working that leads to burnout, but rather the way in which your brain is fuelling your work ethic and achievements.

Part of my 1-1 coaching involves the provision of coaching and brain training techniques to enhance performance within the workplace, whilst the other side will give you key brain training strategies to not just prevent burnout but thrive in your health too.

If you would like to work with me on a 1-1 basis for a specific issue, I would recommend the six week coaching package, but ad hoc coaching is also available.

For more insight into burnout, please download a free copy of my burnout ebook provided in further resources below.