health and productivity support for your staff

Health & Productivity Support for Your Staff

Help staff get their oomph back, and support employee return to work from sickness absence

Health & Productivity Support Packages

“When I was ill, one of the things that frustrated me most was having to battle all the sick days. All I wanted to do was go in; do my job well, and grow with the company but my body was failing me.”

In 2016, after months of increasing symptoms and recurring sick days, I was diagnosed with a lifelong autoimmune condition, and signed off work.

After a month of sick leave (and many more recurring absences prior to that), I was resigned to handing in my notice and giving up on my career.

But then I did the Lightning Process and I turned things around.

I went back to work a week later and rebuilt my career. Now I help others do the same.

For businesses of 500+ employees, long term sickness absence costs over £770,000 every year. But according to research, early intervention can reduce the impact of the length of a typical absence by 17%.

What if you could achieve that, and perhaps even more, for your staff? When I was ill, I went from recurring days and eventually a solid month on sickness absence to zero days off attributable to illness.

Ultimately, supporting staff, means big cost savings whilst knowing you’re being an ethical and responsible employer.

Lauren Stoney Workplace Coaching
  • 4 days are lost on average to each worker due to sickness
  • Employers lose around £570 per employee each year due to sickness related absence
  • For those who take around six weeks’ sickness absence, one in five will stay off work sick and eventually leave paid employment completely
  • Employees struggling with burnout are 50% less likely to discuss how they approach their performance goals with manager

Workshops & Coaching Packages

I run a number of workshops to help staff get their oomph back and support employees returning to work after a period of absence.

I also partner with a data management company to ensure demonstrable benefit to the company.

All workshops and 1-1 coaching provide brain training tools and techniques, with post course resources to support staff in implementing post workshop.

A range of services are available from short one hour lunch and learns, to 1-1 coaching and more comprehensive support packages designed to support staff who are struggling with issues affecting health and productivity.

The below workshops represent some of the core workshops but there are further workshops available – please enquire directly for more information.

Lunch & Learn Workshops

Brain training for health and productivity

Staff will come away with a brain training strategy and key tools to steer away from burnout, and into health and productivity

Bounce back from exhaustion and into oomph

This workshop provides staff an insight into the workings of the brain and an understanding of how they can consciously train their brains to excel in both health AND success

Workshop Nip anxiety in the bud with Lauren Stoney

Nip anxiety in the bud


This workshop will help staff strengthen their mental fitness to deal more effectively with workplace challenges and high pressure deadlines

Health & Productivity Programmes

Return from Long Term Sickness Absence

Support staff who have been on long term sickness leave by helping them get back into health and work

Workshop Return to work post covid

Long Covid Return
to Work

Get employees struggling with long covid back into health and work



Move from Exhaustion into Oomph

Support staff to keep their brains at the top of their game. When mental fitness is strong, productivity is fuelled and physical health thrives

Workshop return to work long covid

Post Covid Return
to Work

This group coaching programme uses brain training techniques and tools to help staff transition back into the workplace post lockdowns

One-on-One Coaching

I work directly with staff to help embed key skills and tools learnt on the workshops, whilst providing 1-1 tailored support for any sticking points getting in the way of progress in relation to health and productivity.

Really found the workshop useful… It teaches you to look at things differently and to train your brain to think in a way that will help you perform better at work and make a difference to your mind and body. Definitely a win-win situation.


In my business she helped me overcome my long-held fear of marketing, and a belief that I was rubbish at that side of my business. As a direct result of this I am now confidently doing lots of brave marketing on a regular consistent basis, which means my income stream is now a lot more predictable, as I am generating the leads I need all the time.

She’s also helped me overcome deep-rooted anxiety around different issues in my business and health, and this has enabled me to go out into the work and be who I am meant to be.


Measuring Staff Benefit and ROI

I am partnered with Lumien, a data led people platform that offers a range of services from anonymised wellbeing and productivity data collection and wellbeing support for individuals and teams, to clear measurement of health and wellbeing interventions.

At one end of the scale, it can be used as part of a corporate wellness strategy and at the other, a simple way of demonstrating clear ROI on your investments.