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health & productivity support for your staff

“When I was ill, one of the things that frustrated me most was having to battle all the sick days. All I wanted to do was go in; do my job well, and grow with the company but my body was failing me”

In 2016, after months of increasing symptoms and recurring sick days, I was diagnosed with a lifelong autoimmune condition, and signed off work.

After a month of sick leave (and many more recurring absences prior to that), I was resigned to handing in my notice and giving up on my career. But then I did the Lightning Process and I turned things around.

I went back to work a week later and rebuilt my career. Now I help others do the same.

For businesses of more 500+ employees, long term sickness absence costs over £770,000 every year. But according to research, early intervention can reduce the impact of the length of a typical absence by 17%.

What if you could achieve that, and perhaps even more, for your staff? When i was ill, i went from recurring days and eventually a solid month on sickness absence to zero days off attributable to illness.

Ultimately, supporting staff, means big cost savings whilst knowing you’re being an ethical and responsible employer.

4 days are lost on average to each worker due to sickness

Employers lose around £570 per employee each year due to sickness related absence

For those who take around six weeks’ sickness absence, one in five will stay off work sick and eventually leave paid employment completely.

Employees struggling with burnout are 50% less likely to discuss how they approach their performance goals with manager

I run a number of workshops to help staff get their oomph back and support employees returning to work after a period of absence.

I also partner with a data management company to ensure demonstrable benefit to the company.

All workshops and 1-1 coaching provide brain training tools and techniques, with post course resources to support staff in implementing post workshop.


“She’s helped me overcome deep-rooted anxiety around different issues in my business and health, and this has enabled me to go out into the work and be who I am meant to be.”

Serena, Nottinghamshire 

“Lauren provided excellent sessions for staff… she covered the best way to respond to our environment, and make the best choices that help us on the path to health.”

Gladys Moore, Prostate Cancer UK

I would be a shadow of my current self without The Lightning Process. It allowed me to get my life back instead of being stuck in a very poorly state of health.” 

Alison, E. Sussex (Issue: Long Covid)

I have begun working again after 7 months. I also started exercising in the mornings. I am living a life that I love with no limitations…I feel happier than I have been in years. Now I have a tool that I can use for all aspects of my life.” 

Sarah, Surrey (Issue: Chronic Fatigue)

I rarely have a low day now but when I do I know how to deal with it and take control. Lauren was fab and made me feel comfortable and inspired and still continues to be a great coach. It really has changed my life – thank you so much Lauren!”

Briony, Surrey (Issue: Anxiety)