Post Covid return to work programme

Bounce Back from Exhaustion and into Oomph

Health and Productivity Package

How can your staff pursue their passions without getting in their own way?
If they’re driven by purpose and career growth, chances are they will have a striving for excellence.

But all too often, high-achieving staff can channel that passion and energy in a way that drives them into exhaustion and burnout.

My mantra is that you absolutely CAN be the success you want to see in the world whilst thriving in health.

But, in order to do that, staff need to keep their brains at the top of their game. Because the brain and the body is always communicating, and when mental fitness is strong, productivity is fuelled and physical health thrives.

This workshop can be taken as a day workshop or as a six course 1 hour workshop to be delivered every two to four weeks depending on requirements.

It provides:

 An expanded and detailed review of each of the five key mindset ‘ingredients’ that can fuel burnout

 Full coaching support to address problem areas

 Each workshop provides interactive tools that staff can take away to implement between courses

There is the additional option of post-course support with phone support or Zoom drop in sessions for questions that arise during the programme.

I joined one of Lauren’s 2 hour workshops on reducing stress and avoiding burnout at work.

Lauren has a relaxed, emphatic but highly informative delivery style.

She led us through the subject, building and linking topics so it was easy to understand, but also got us involved so we could feel the benefits of her approach.


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