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Start rebuilding your health to get your OOMPH back

With The Lightning Process®, a neuro-physiological training programme that’s helped 25,000+ people bounce back from chronic issues including burnout, anxiety, fatigue, chronic pain and Long Covid.

Every year THOUSANDS of people are left feeling hopeless in the face of chronic illness

I was one of them so I know how it feels to:

  • Feel alone and unheard
  • Face the loss of your life goals and dreams
  • Spend your days battling exhaustion
  • See even simple tasks become a daily struggle
  • Feel like a shadow of the person you used to be
I’d experienced it all. It was only when I reached the point of total hopelessness, I decided to give The Lightning Process a go…

It was the best decision I ever made. I got past my ‘lifelong’ condition, and I got my health, oomph and life back. Now I help others do the same.

But before I go on, I’ll introduce myself properly.

Lightning Process with Lauren Stoney

I’m Lauren Stoney

Health & Performance Coach for High Achievers

I believe that enjoying a thriving career and a life full of passion doesn’t need to cost you your health

I’m a certified Advanced Lightning Process Practitioner; fully qualified in coaching, hypnotherapy and NLP (diploma, advanced & masters level), also holding a Psychology BSc Hons.

Having experienced and returned from burnout and autoimmune illness; held a high-pressure management marketing position, and Chartered Management Institute qualification – I am uniquely positioned to help high achievers overcome the health challenges they face in today’s fast-paced world.

My Story

I was always a highly driven person with a “work hard, play hard” approach to life. I threw myself into my marketing career and lived at 100mph. If I wasn’t at work, I was at the gym, and if I wasn’t there, I was out with friends. I loved it. (…My only complaint was that there were only 24 hours in a day!)

But in 2015 my spark faded as chronic stress and burnout took over. I was stuck in “fight or flight” mode which only got worse (and worse) until my nervous system was shot – along with my health. After many more health crashes and an increasing battle with sick days at work,  I was diagnosed with a “lifelong” autoimmune condition – Hashimoto’s disease.

I was told there was no cure and that I would need to take thyroxine, most likely for life…

Lightning Process with Lauren Stoney

Things got worse before they got better

I burst into tears as I left the hospital (and called my mum!). My world had become small very fast: I was no longer the life and soul of the party. I’d become a highly introverted, irritated, and nervous person who struggled to get out of bed – a shell of my former self.

In the time I had been ill, I had been ill for two years, I’d spent so long searching for help; seeing doctors and trying alternative therapies but nothing had worked and it had cost me a fortune. It was like every time I got my hopes up that something was working, they would be dashed by the inevitable crash that followed. However, my search had led me to become a regular at a meditation centre, where I met someone who had done the The Lightning Process.

I had delayed doing it until that point, “Nothing else has worked – it won’t help me.” But having researched it and read accounts from hundreds of people praising it, I finally decided I had nothing left to lose…

It turned out to be the best decision I ever made. I rediscovered my inner spark, and I rediscovered my health. There were improvements after a few days but I noticed many more for months to come. 

Simple life pleasures were once again within my reach – waIking to the shops and feeling the fresh air on my skin; meeting up with friends and experiencing the joy of having a social life, not to mention stepping back into a thriving career – I had got my life back. 

The Lightning Process was transformational

I had experienced what was possible and I wanted to go further. That’s when it became my life mission to help others rebuild their health and pursue their passions.

So as you’ve found me, I’m assuming you’re feeling stuck with a chronic issue?



Anxiety & Panic Attacks


Chronic Pain

Long Covid

Let me tell you now. Chronic issues DO NOT always have to be lifelong.

You absolutely CAN excel in your passions without sacrificing your health.
I’ve seen MANY people rebuild their health from tricky issues like these with…

The Lightning Process®

A neuro-physiological training programme that’s built to enable you – and empower you – to rebuild your health using the science of the mind-body connection.

Over 25,000 people around the world have enrolled on the programme to rebuild their health from ME, fibromyalgia, long COVID, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and many more chronic issues. Based on the science behind how your brain and body interact with each other, it gives you tools to positively influence your health.

You’re given brain training techniques and tools to apply every time you experience a symptom, negative thought or feeling that could activate the fight or flight response. In doing so, you disrupt ‘illness neurology,’ switch off what is known as the sympathetic nervous system response, and develop healthy neurological function in its place.

The more that you put this into practice, the more this healthy neurological function becomes automated through the process of neuroplasticity.

Over three days, you will be trained on:

  • Neurophysiology and how psychology feeds into this
  • The physiological emergency response
  • How you can use language, brain training exercises and movement to change the way in which your neurological pathways are activated
  • The role that neurology plays in illness
  • Restoration of homeostasis
  • With the provision of tools to rewire ‘symptomatic’ nerve pathways and rebuild healthy neurological function


The Lightning Process® with Lauren –
Here’s What You Get*:



Learn about the mind-body connection, the power of neurology and how you can  prepare for the changes to come (we will also cover some of this in your health coaching call).

(This is the official Lightning Process audiobook currently sold at £15.99 on The Lightning Process website.)



We’ll check in on where you are and where you’d like to be so that we can ensure you get the most out of the course, and have everything you need to really get your OOMPH back.

You can also choose when and how you would like to do the course (i.e. in a group or 1-1).





Discover the link between psychology and neurology, the role neurology plays in illness and how you can change the way in which your neurological pathways are activated to really start rebuilding your health.

This is where you will really start to make change happen!!



No need to worry about remembering everything you’ve learnt! We recognise a lot of people struggle with brain fog so have captured the key concepts and learnings within your very own training pack (print and pdf available).

You’ll also get a pocket card to support use of the tool wherever you are – and a little gift from Lauren too!



You will be sent useful links and further reading materials that previous clients have found useful when rebuilding health after the seminar.

This includes a post-course mp4 audio download that teaches you key LP fundamentals for months to come, as well as blog links and other sources of inspiration.




Overcoming a chronic health condition that limits your life is something you should be EXTREMELY proud of!

You’ll be sent a certificate (printed or PDF) to celebrate your achievement, for you to look back on to remember that YOU did it!




Continue to advance your knowledge of brain training and avoid setbacks to get back to your best self with follow up calls to be taken over the course of four months post course.

Frequency and timings vary.


(12-5PM, MON-FRI)

Struggling at any stage? Don’t worry – Lauren is there!

Voxer is a free communication app (similar to WhatsApp). Leave her a voice note, or send a text message, and she will provide support to get you over the hump.

*This forms part of Lauren’s tailored four month health training package to support you getting the best changes possible to your health.

The Lightning Process –
4-Month Programme with Lauren

(Payment options and concessionary rates available. See FAQs further down this page.)

Terms and conditions apply.

What happens next after signing up for
The Lightning Process with Lauren?

onboarding call lightning process

After clicking the “Apply now” button, you’ll be taken to a form to enter your details, make payment, and book your 30-Minute Onboarding Call.

The Lightning Process audiobook will be emailed to you. Listening to this before your 30-Minute Onboarding Call will prepare you for what’s to come.

We’ll assess where you are, where you want to be, look at dates and whether you’d like to complete the programme in a group or 1-2-1 with me.

All webinars and coaching session dates will be confirmed. You will also receive a training pack with everything you need to assist you throughout the 4-month programme.

Attend the 3 half-day Lightning Process® coaching sessions (around 4 hours per session, with scheduled breaks). This is where you will learn how to rebuild your health with The Lightning Process.

Upon completing the Lightning Process®, our follow-up sessions will begin. You can reach me via Voxer to ask for help at any point during the 4 months.

Success Stories

Lauren / Crohn’s Disease

Charlotte, CFS / Long Covid
David Burnout / Fatigue

Matt / Long Covid

Rosa / Long Covid
Cyra, Long Covid / CFS / ME

Is the Lightning Process for you?

The Lightning Process is for you if:

  • You are ready to reclaim your health and are willing to commit to rebuilding it with The Lightning Process
  • You are open to the mind-body connection and believe you can influence your health with brain training
  • You will attend the webinars, coaching calls, and engage with the group (if you choose group coaching) and be respectful of everyone’s stories, experiences, and opinions
  • You agree to make time in your schedule to attend the coaching sessions and complete the exercises assigned to you
  • You are open to changing the way you think and challenging beliefs you might be holding onto
  • You give honest answers in your application form and don’t hold anything back that may affect your progress on the programme

The Lightning Process is not for you if:

  • You are not open to being challenged on thoughts and beliefs that may be holding you back
  • You’re not ready to invest in yourself at this time
  • You’re not prepared to listen to the audiobook, attend coaching sessions, and make time for the exercises required for The Lightning Process to work
  • You don’t believe that you can positively influence your health

I love that I just feel like a normal person now. I can make plans, I can join in with what everyone else is doing, and I don’t carry that level of worry and dread about what tomorrow will bring…. Lauren pressed the factory reset button on my life.


I am a Covid 19 long hauler having been through Covid, pneumonia and being left with post viral fatigue which prevented me doing much at all. My body hurt all over… now I go out and don’t worry if I will have the energy to cope, I dance regularly,… essentially, I live my life…I shall always think of Lauren fondly who helped me at a desperate time in my life. I would be a shadow of my current self without The Lightning Process.


I saw Lauren for pain I had been experiencing for a number of years. Her sessions have really helped to break the pattern of pain and she has also been a huge support in other areas…
She’s there to help you get the results you dream of and does a great job of ensuring you do all you can to achieve that…


I went to the Lightning Process hoping to get control of anxiety… Now a few months down the line and I am so much happier, calmer and more confident… It really has changed my life.


The Lightning Process –
4-Month Programme with Lauren

(Payment options and concessionary rates available. See FAQs further down this page.)

Terms and conditions apply.

“Why is your programme 4 months when The Lightning Process seminar is just 3 days?”

Getting your health back after months of illness and trauma is a process. I know having recovered from chronic illness myself. It’s a journey filled with ups and downs. (And I want you to have more ups than downs!)

The Lightning Process seminar by itself is fantastic and I feel confident that you will see change during the course. It may be huge change, it may be more subtle change – but either way, change is change! That said, to really get the long-lasting and stable changes you want, having that ongoing support is crucial.

Every practitioner is different (and brilliant at what they do), and you will always get a certain level of follow up, but from experience, maintaining that communication four months post course makes the difference between more superficial implementation of learnings and long-lasting, stable change.

This 4-Month Health Training Programme was developed to give you consistent and enduring support tailored to your needs across the four months post course. During this time, I’ll be there cheering you on, giving you the insights, and support when you need it.

I will prepare you for the process, locate any blind spots/unhelpful habits, and support you every step of the way so that you can achieve the goals we set in your onboarding call. I’ll also be there to show you how you can use the skills to really enhance your life and get the most out of it – beyond fixing the issues you came here for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called a training programme?

The concept of using a training programme to make changes to your health is different to what a lot of us are used to. But the reason we call it training, is because you play an active role in making the changes.

In modern models of healthcare, we are used to playing a slightly more passive role. For instance, if we have a headache, we take a pill and we wait for it to kick in. Or we might go to a therapist; let the therapist do the work and wait for the results.

In the Lightning Process, as with something like meditation, you are given a tool to practice and implement to get the changes that you want. You are also educated on the times when you would need to use the tool, and so practical implementation of your learnings is required to get the changes you want.

It seems too good to be true?

Interestingly, this is one of the reasons that I chose not to do the Lightning Process in the early stages, and it’s a very common statement that I hear from my clients. If you visit the ‘Success Stories’ part of this website, you will even see a couple of direct quotes along the lines of ‘I was sceptical to start with but having tried everything else, I thought why not give it a go…’

And this is typically what happens. People come to the LP as a last-ditch resort. It is completely understandable that it seems too good to be true. A lot of people who do the LP have tried every therapy and option possible (myself included) so it can be hard to believe.

One thing that feeds into this mindset is the idea that you can get change so quickly when nothing has worked for such a long time. Let’s be clear. Not everyone who does the LP has miraculous change within three days! But, it CAN and DOES happen.

Quite often, we see some level of positive change by day three but the long-lasting results take a bit longer to materialise. I personally had a longer journey with it; it took me longer to get the changes I wanted.

Should you decide to do the LP, you will find you are able to change/resolve some things quickly, whilst others will take longer. Everyone has their own journey with it, and whatever yours is will be exactly right for you.

Is it really possible to get change so quickly?

As noted in the previous FAQ, whilst we can and do see change very quickly, the extent of this change in the early stages differs for everyone. Yes, there are incredible success stories out there, but everyone has their own journey with the LP. In my case, whilst I knew health was within reach for me by day three, my own journey took longer to fully materialise.

But let’s look at change. When you think about it, change is happening instantaneously all the time. The interesting thing is we often recognise this for more ‘negative’ experiences in our lives. Consider how quickly you can go from feeling well and happy, to nauseous and ill on receiving some bad news. Consider how quickly it can take for a phobia to develop in response to a trauma.

The reason change can happen so quickly in the Lightning Process is because we are working with our neurology, which is a communication system made up of nerve pathways that transmit messages through the release of chemical messengers like hormones and neurotransmitters. And chemical messengers can change quickly when given the right information.

Can the Lightning Process completely cure me?

We have seen amazing changes on the Lightning Process and our clients have had a range of experiences in their journey back to health. However, the Lightning Process is not a curative treatment. It is a training programme that teaches you how to influence your health in a positive way.

Some individuals would say they have recovered their issues completely, others would say they have noticed significant positive changes and improvements to their health. Others may not have got the benefits they wanted from it. I always tell my clients to be curious about what they can achieve – at the very least I would expect them to have a completely different relationship with the issue at hand, and at best significant changes to their health and their life.

Am I too old/too young to do the Lightning Process?

We have seen people from the ages of 6 years to 90 years do the Lightning Process with good results so, generally speaking, age is not an issue!

I’m not ill enough/I’m too ill

This is a common question and I would say that the rate and level of change is different for everyone and does not correlate to the duration and severity of illness.

It is also worth noting that not everyone does the Lightning Process for illness! The LP is used across a range of issues varying in severity. Other factors such as openness to applying the tools, new ways of thinking and beliefs around what is possible amongst other things are the more relevant factors in getting change.

I am on medication, can I still do the training?

We do require full disclosure of any medical issues to ensure the training will be appropriate for you. As far as medication is concerned, a lot of my clients who take the training with me are on medication so, as a general rule, there is no reason why you couldn’t do the Lightning Process alongside that.

If I do the Lightning Process, can I come off my medication?

I am not a medical professional and am in no position to advise on this. Some clients do come off their medication after doing the Lightning Process but this is only ever done gradually with the support and guidance of their GP/specialist.

IMPORTANT: If you do the Lightning Process and decide you would like to lower the medication you are taking, do not stop taking it. Consult your GP/Specialist and work with them to make the changes you want.

Does the Lightning Process believe that illness is psychological?

Absolutely not. The Lightning Process is a training programme that teaches you how to use your psychology in a way that influences your neurological health and subsequently immune function.

That means that, ultimately, we recognise symptoms are physical, but when you train your psychology and neurology in a way that supports healthy physiological function, you can reduce if not eliminate those symptoms.

Case in point: We know that when our immune function is low we get colds. We also know that meditation can improve immune function by lowering levels of cortisol and other stress-inducing hormones. So If we can improve our immune function through how we use our mind, does that mean that the development and symptomatology of a cold are psychological?

Hopefully the answer is no!

Are there any negative side effects of the Lightning Process, or could it make things worse in any way?

Absolutely not. The whole ethos of the Lightning Process is to develop a kind and compassionate relationship with yourself. Nothing good ever comes from pushing so this is something that is reiterated throughout the Lightning Process and in all the coaching work that I do.

A lot of my clients are ambitious, driven and high achieving and can be prone to pushing themselves in order to achieve (I also speak as a previous client from personal experience!).

As a result, I place particular emphasis on using the Lightning Process to develop a kind and compassionate relationship with yourself. One of the core teachings I provide, is how to become your own best friend; part of this means being able to tune into your body and mind in a way that allows you to acknowledge any issues, before then deciding how you move forward.

If you feel the service you have had does not meet with this standard you must raise your concerns with the head office at info@philparker.org.

Does the Lightning Process blame people for their problems?

Absolutely not! A lot of the key concepts within the Lightning Process look at where we have the ability to influence the issues we are facing, but these concepts are used to create a sense of empowerment as opposed to blame.

Shit happens in life. That’s a fact. So it’s not our fault when we end up stuck with issues. But the key thing is to look at what happens next. How can we start to move forward in a way that will help us release past traumas and hurt? This is where the Lightning Process comes in.

My energy is low, I’m not sure I will be able to handle three days of training.

Low energy is a very common issue for people who come onto the Lightning Process, and this has never been a problem with any of the clients I have worked with – despite there being concerns before doing the course! We tend to see very quick change as far as energy is concerned, and the course is designed to help with this so you will be surprised. If you have real concerns about this, please contact me directly and I can help you reach an informed decision about whether the Lightning Process is right for you at this time.

I can’t commit to three days in a row, can I do the training over a longer time period?

I wouldn’t recommend doing the Lightning Process in this way. It has been designed in its current format as this is the format that gets good, solid and rapid change. Follow up coaching is provided and there is most certainly flexibility on this part of the post-course training.

Will I remember it all?

Whilst there are three half-days of learning, we don’t expect you to consciously remember all that we run through – you are given a training book that captures all the key concepts should you want to revisit them post-course.

The key take-outs that you need to take away with you are knowing when to use the tools you have been given, and how to use the main tool itself.

I am not sure whether to go with group coaching or 1-2-1.

This is entirely up to you but the audiobook goes some way to explaining the benefits of a group course. I can also run through the key benefits of each approach with you.

Ultimately, doing it in a group course gives you a broader learning experience as you hear from others and will be presented with learning opportunities that you might not have 1-1. It is also a very supportive envirohnment and can be useful to share your learning experience with others who have gone through similar (especially in the case of invisible illness which can be very lonely).

1-1 means you have more time available to you to dig deeper into specific issues on the course itself but these would always be covered during your time working with me.

Either way, I would be confident your results will not be affected regardless of which one you choose.

Is it easy to learn?

The Lightning Process was designed to be very simple, evidenced by the fact that a lot of people who come onto the Lightning Process are struggling with brain fog at the point of course commencement.

The tool itself is the most simple part of the course, and designed in a way that is practical and easy to use. It takes a little bit of practice to start with but by day two/three, you will be fully au fait with this!

Will it last?

The Lightning Process is a form of brain training that works by rewiring neural pathways. Initially, you will need to use the tools given to you a lot in order to get the desired changes, but after time, you most likely won’t need to use them at all. That said, one of the things my clients often report at the end of the seminar, is how valuable it is to have a tool for life. The techniques given to you during the course are not just for ‘fixing’ things, but rather, offer a way of helping you to navigate other life challenges that may come up.

Where will my sessions take place if I choose face-to-face coaching?

I offer the Lightning Process® training across Brighton, Hove and Farnham. Clinic details are:

When does the next course begin?

I run 2-3 Lightning Process programmes a month. The next available dates are updated regularly on my Instagram page.

Are there payment options?

Yes, there are two options: you can pay 100% upfront or in monthly instalments at an amount that works for you (usually with 50% upfront). This can be discussed and agreed on or ahead of your pre-course call. Concessionary rates are also available on request.

What research is there on The Lightning Process?

There is a growing amount of published research on the Lightning Process, and the Head Office team continue to work hard in developing further research to demonstrates its efficacy in helping with key issues. You can find further details of the published research on the Head Office website.

Lauren’s wealth of knowledge, positivity and genuine heart to constructively support me through the LP and after has been invaluable. I’m so grateful that she was recommended to me by a friend.


I feel like myself again after 2 years. It feels incredible. I have energy to socialise, make my own meals, bathe and dress myself and go for a lovely walk.


So this just happened… first time I’ve dropped my girl off at school… so overwhelmed with joy – thank you so much!


I’m so grateful for the changes you’ve helped me to achieve. Feeling really good, loving life and my body and everything. Thank you. You’re a star.


My 3 day seminar with Lauren has been life-changing… I now have started to form a more positive way of thinking and it has also helped me to interrupt any negative thoughts and actions.


Before my teenager son started the Lightning Process with Lauren I was skeptical… it seemed to good to be true… we’re now just a month post LP course and it feels like I have my old son back. The nausea has gone, the overwhelming weariness has vanished, the aches and pains are a thing of the past… the ongoing support Lauren offers is also very reassuring…”


Break free from chronic issues and get back to a passion-filled life that you love

Apply for The Lightning Process With Lauren: the 4-Month Health Training Programme designed to give you your OOMPH back.

The Lightning Process –
4-Month Programme with Lauren

(Payment options and concessionary rates available. See FAQs further down this page.)

Terms and conditions apply.

The Research

There is a growing amount of published research on the Lightning Process, and the Head Office team continues to work hard in developing further research to demonstrate its efficacy in The Lightning Process with key issues.

You can find further details of the published research on the Head Office website.