Top Ten Podcasts in the Mind-Body Connection


Well here we go, some brain food to get stuck into that will both inform and inspire 👌

My top ten online resources for anyone with an interest in the mind-body connection, and a desire to start ‘using’ their thoughts in a way that serves them…

Mind Body Connection with Dr Phil Parker: for all things mind-body this is the place to go. Dr Phil Parker (creator of the Lightning Process) interviews a number of established and leading researchers in the area of placebo, psychoneurophysiology and other related research. Fascinating and informative you can really get a sense of just how powerful the mind, and power of ‘expectancy’ and belief is in creating physical change.

David Hamilton’s Personal Development Club: Author of ‘How your mind can heal your body’ and ‘I love me: The science of self love”, David Hamilton is widely recognised in the field of mind body development. Having started life in the pharmaceutical industry David was immediately struck by the power of the placebo and went onto spend his life researching and working with others in this area. Join this programme to get fascinating insights into the physiological effects of core human states like kindness and self-esteem, along with practical tips and tools to make changes in your own life.

The Life Coach School Podcast: If you want to start crafting your thoughts in a way that really serves you (and thus supports healthy neurological function) then Brooke Castillo is THE coach to go to. Using humour and a ‘say it as it is’ approach, Brooke gives a refreshing perspective on many common life challenges, and offers new ways of thinking with simple tools that you can take away to start practising yourself.

Stay Grounded: Described as ‘weekly inspiration for people choosing the extraordinary path through life’ the Stay Grounded podcast is full of inspirational stories. Led by Raj Jana, founder of Java Coffee Press Coffee Company, Raj interviews everyone from best selling authors and business moguls to extreme athletes and monks, to discuss happiness, success and fulfilment, and identify new tools that ultimately help you to ‘stay grounded and make passionate living a reality.’

Science of Success: With a focus on ‘evidence based growth’, the science of success features inspiring speakers and leaders in the field of personal development. One of my personal favourites ‘How to love yourself and focus on effort not outcome’ with Kamal Ravikant, this podcast has something for everyone if what you’re looking for is inspiration and new ways to navigate your own life journey.

Feel Better, Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee: Dr Chatterjee is a great pitstop if you want to get stuck into all things brain, body, health and psychology. Dr Chatterjee’s core focus driving the podcast is to empower individuals’ to ‘become the architect of their own health.’ Feel Better, Live More is the Number 1 health podcast in the UK; regularly topping the Apple Podcast charts with over 14 million downloads and an average 5 star rating. One to add to your favourites!

Peter Crone: Described as the ‘Marie Kondo for your mind,’ Peter Crone provides ‘lightbulb moment’ thinking and concepts to help you declutter your mind, and think more effectively for enhanced health and wellbeing. Peter works with top performing athletes and performers and, whilst he doesn’t have his own podcast, he has featured on a number of podcasts which you can find in the link shared above.

Tell Me About Your Pain:  Alan Gordon, LCSW (Founder of the Pain Psychology Center) and Alon Ziv invite those livign with chronic pain onto the podcast, and share useful tools and guidance on how to use their brains in way that reduces or even resolves symptoms through the latest in neuroscience. Powered by Curable, an online program that I am a huge fan of, it teaches people to use evidence-based techniques to relieve chronic pain.

Being Well with Rick Hansen: a renowned expert in the field of mindfulness meditation, and psychologist, Rick founded the Wellspring Institute for Neuroscience and Contemplative Wisdom and has authored a number of books in the area of neuroscience and ancient contemplative practices that have been used to enhance wellbeing and brain function. A great podcast to follow if you already use meditation or are interested in the philosophy of meditative practices and how they can benefit.

How to Fail With Elizabeth Day: This one is for all you perfectionists out there. In a lot of the work that I do, perfectionism has a lot to answer for as far as keeping us stuck with health issues and other problems are concerned. The antidote to perfectionism? Being okay with making mistakes. Being okay with so called ‘failure.’ Being okay with being human. This podcast gives you the brain food for just that with a weekly celebration of all the things that have not ‘gone right’ and how certain failures can teach us how to succeed even better.