So here’s the thing. Pain is not pleasant. It’s not nice. But it most certainly is necessary. However. And that’s a big HOWEVER… chronic pain is a whole other kettle of fish. Chronic pain is pointless. And if you’ve been living with it, I’m sure you’ll be saying, “Well, no s*** Sherlock.”

The reality is that, when pain becomes chronic, it is because the brain is perceiving the body is under threat in some way, shape or form. And even if the body tissue is no longer damaged, there is information coming into the brain that is still saying “Watch out! Alarm systems go!”

I talk in more depth about this in my feature “Chronic Pain: The whats, whys and hows” but there are a lot more resources out there that you can use if this is something you are struggling with.

From simply getting a better understanding of pain and how it works, to taking clear measurable steps to reduce at the very least and resolve at the very most, these are my top five resources to all things pain and how to change it.

Top Five Resources on Pain and How to Move Past It

A classic in the pain world, ‘Explain Pain‘ is written by two very well established pain specialists – David Butler and Lorimer Mosely. i cannot recommend this text highly enough. Lorimer and Moseley, bring the subject of pain to life in a clear way using humour to keep things light. With a big focus on why pain functions in the way that it does, you can start to develop an understanding of the brain and the body, and how you might be able to influence it.

If you want something immediately that gives you a clear overview of what pain is and how it works in five minutes, this is the resource to go to. ‘Understanding pain in less than five minutes and what to do about it!” created by the Australian Pain Society is a brilliant resource for anyone looking to understand the basics of chronic pain and how to change it.

This Part 1 audio download forms part of the introduction to the Lightning Process which is required listening for anyone doing the Lightning Process for chronic pain. The Lightning Process is incredibly effective – for changing pain at the very least and resolving it at the most – but I would say this resource is going to be useful for anyone who wants to know more about how chronic pain works, and how they might be able to influence it for the better – regardless of whether they think the Lightning Process is for them or not.

A brilliant talk from a very close colleague of mine – Amanda Ashley, a Lightning Process practitioner based in America. In this informative talk, Amanda shares her own experience of pain and talks in depth about the fight or flight response in the role of pain in CRPS (chronic regional pain syndrome), and how the Lightning Process works to change it.

A great app ‘Curable Health‘ has been designed for people living with pain, by those who have made the same journey. A handy tool that will enable you to manage your pain more effectively, and possibly even resolve it. Download the app onto your phone for regular tools, tips and resources.

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