Using a blend of health & performance coaching, I offer a number of packages that give staff the tools they need to succeed in their career whilst thriving in health:

  • Free Lunch and Learn Session: a one hour session providing an overview on what burnout looks like, the common mistakes that lead staff down that one-way path and an interactive tool to take away and implement in the workplace.
  • Values-based Performance Programme: a tailored programme to cultivate the shared values that are so core to the organisation. By exploring what it means to live and breathe those values, through a shared organisational identity, the office culture can move from collaboration to co-creation in achieving its higher mission.
  • Monthly Burnout Prevention Workshops: tailored to the company, a series of workshops addressing key workplace scenarios and common psychological pitfalls that can lead to burnout, along with the tools needed to avoid it. Workshops run for up to three hours and can be held within the workplace.
  • High Potential Health & Performance Programme: gives engaged and motivated employees at risk of burnout the tools they need to approach work from a place of resilience, productivity and health. Each workshop runs for up to three hours and can be held within the workplace.
  • Direct support: 121 coaching for employees at risk of or living with burnout/illness.
  • Health ReCharge Programme for Staff Working with Illness & Burnout: a three day programme that uses the Lightning Process to rebuild employee health and give them the tools they need to become more effective in responding to ‘burnout triggers.’ Gives employees living with a long term condition (mental or physical) the opportunity to get back into the workplace in better health.

Why work with me

  • Direct experience of a) turning around burnout and ill-health, and b) direct marketing management across national organisations: I am well-attuned to the needs of both individuals & organisations, and place equal emphasis on the balance of health, ambition and performance.
  • I incorporate clear, tangible tools and tasks to take away and implement in the workplace and wider life situation: rather than focusing on pure ‘awareness’ I give very clear tasks and tools for staff to take away, providing clear demonstration of value.
  • I tackle all ends of the ‘sickness spectrum,’ from pre / high risk-burnout to long-term, resistant health issues: Where a lot of coaches offer stress-reduction awareness programmes, I specifically target, and turn around issues, at all points along the ‘sickness spectrum.’ I have particular expertise in getting staff living with long term illness back into health, and subsequently career*
  • Direct experience of being the ‘engaged-exhausted employee’ means I know exactly how to turn it around: I understand the ambitions and motivations of the employee alongside the pitfalls that are contributing to ill health and taking them into that downward spiral.
  • I have direct experience of the challenges faced by both employee and employer: I know all too well the challenges faced by both the employee and the employer in trying to meet the increasing workplace demands and pressure in the face of flailing health, which only ever leads to more sick days and, eventually, total job departure.

*This is of course subject to the nature of the illness and staff motivations.

Contact me directly on 07554 841880 for further information on how I can help you and your staff.