I had an amazing revelation the other day. Apparently I’m not superhuman. And, I’m afraid, neither are you 🙀 That’s right – you reading this. Do what?!?! Say that again?!

As tempting as it may be to expect the world of yourself; striving to be the perfect human being at ALL times, responding to life in exactly the way you should, achieving all your life goals and never making any mistakes, I’m afraid, or should i say, happy, to say – it simply is not possible.

It’s SO incredibly easy, to look at other human beings and expect that – because we see this surface level image of success – we should be the same.

We look at others thinking that they have just glided through life, because THEY most certainly ARE a superhuman. And surely, if they can do it, why can’t we?

But that, my friends, is where we are all wrong.

It’s SO incredibly easy, to go down that slippery slope of beating yourself up because you’re not where you wanted to be, or you’re not living up to that amazing superhuman you thought you could be. But…give yourself a break!

Having listened to a rather inspiring talk at an even more inspiring conference, this quote from the amazing yet ‘standard human’ Nelson Mandela was one of the many take-outs that reminded me, it’s OKAY to make mistakes. In fact, it’s okay to fall down. Ultimately, it’s okay to be human.

Hurrah, well what a relief that is. Of course, this doesn’t mean never striving for more. But what it does mean, is ensuring that we celebrate EVERY success, no matter how small or large. It also possibly means, reframing how we view success.

What if every time we ‘fell down’ and took one small step to turn things around – we celebrated THAT? What if we celebrated every healthy meal we ate, every meditation we did, every time we saw our house was a mess and acted on it; every time we acknowledged that things aren’t where we want them to be but, yes, we’re working towards it? What would life be like then?

Hmmm, thoughts and ponderings for you there. Take these through your day with you and perhaps see how life changes as you start to celebrate EVERY small but AMAZING act of ‘standard’ human greatness.